Flexible, pay as you go with no tie-in


Our flexible, pay-as-you-go fees include a range of features and benefits, including access to your dedicated accountant, on-site and off-site bookkeeping, monthly reporting and advice – with absolutely no tie in.

1.1 Service rates and descriptions

Valid from October 2019
This advertisement is not a bidding offer. For individual or large enterprise solutions, feel free to contact us at info@sleepfinder.hu. We will thank you your long-time commitment. For a 6 month partnership, we will give you 5% discount, in case of 12 month we will reward you with a 10% price reduction.

2. Terms of use

Conditions and service limitations

2.1 Good to know

Choose a registered accountant with liability insurance. Be aware that if your accountant makes a mistake it’s your responsibility.
We are not cooperating with people or companies that can be associated with any kind of fraud or crime.
We are happy to help you with company formation, but we cannot support fake businesses. We do not optimize taxes in the grey zone and we are not willing to commit perjury. In our work we take responsibility for all cases.